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2008-02-13 14:39:42 by rigo01

February 13, 2008
-Hmmm lets see well i feel as though i have another good sprite, yes i am aware sprites aren't very welcomed, i have heard.

but that doesn't stop me, I am currently working on learning how to draw faces and lip sync so i can
take credit for it all.

hmm ill let everyone know if anything new comes up.

March 13, 2008
-still working on some things, still not complete with some other things, no new things
comming for a few weeks, working hard on stuff, and i have other problems i need to
worry about but i do have some things lying around on my desk stop that just need
some touch ups, ill be sure to post some new stuff for those who actually like my work!
thank you!

-Albert The Animator.